Rafael Fuentes
Rafael Fuentes

Our values ​​are rooted in the sense of urgency that drives us to take action around issues that affect the valorisation of our past, how we relate to ourselves, our peers and our environment, the imperative to take action and participate in the creation of functional ecosystems and create sustainable innovations for the next generations.


Our core values ​​are:

Respect of our tangible and intangible historical heritage: The valorisation of architectural and agricultural techniques that promote self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Self-Determination: Individual and collective autonomy development in harmony with our ecosystem. Promote individual and collective creativity through an Integral education program.

Environment: To inspire ourselves by permaculture ethics (Caring for the earth. Caring for people. Return of surplus -Take full responsibility for our lives and cooperate) to create functional ecosystems.

Social Engagement: Working locally with the community, with the most vulnerable collectives of the society from the perspective of profound social transformation to ensure an healthy and stimulating life quality for present and future generations.

Glocality: Having a local practice with a reproducibility global scope.