Jesús Ochando
Jesús Ochando

The Association for the integral recuperation and development of Jesús del Valle whose main purposes are:

  • Recuperation of Hacienda Jesús del Valle and its historical and cultural heritage.
  • Comprehensive restoration of traditional architectural heritage.
  • Restoring holding farm with low-impact techniques and maximum respect for nature.
  • Create a Centre for Research and Innovation on social and environmental issues.
  • Create a Centre for Integral Education on social and environmental innovation in Jesús del Valle with several lines of action:
  • Training in self-organisation of communities, from urban and peri-urban agriculture.
  • Training in new techniques of organic farming, permaculture and regenerative agriculture.
  • Training in environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture.
  • Establish a meeting space where it is possible to experience applied ecology to agriculture, architecture and social dynamics.
  • Capturing adhesions from public and private institutions to provide the project with patrimony, aimed at the creation of a foundation for its management and administration.